Who are we?

Our company develops complex web solutions and mobile apps. We don't work on just any project for anyone - we are a team of highly qualified professionals who are well used to working to deadlines and high levels of quality. If you can't find a ready-made solution for your business, we'll design a product especially for you.

  • Love
  • Web and mobile apps development
  • Quality and deliver on schedule

Our expertise

Web apps

Web applications to suit those who don't want to install software on a computer. What's more, they can be used on any device whatsoever, from mobile phones to TVs. They will let you realise practically any teamwork scenario, whether you're working with your clients (on a website) or with colleagues or partners (through a portal).

Mobile apps

Mobile applications are a new and convenient way to work with complex and intellectually challenging systems. They offer an opportunity to organise your links with clients, colleagues and partners - and they'll always be at your fingertips. We are pleased to present contemporary solutions that meet the requirements of design and function on the latest mobile devices.

Our prices

Although every project needs a unique approach and the costs will always vary, this question often comes up with our clients. We provide the following as estimates for a project completed to a high standard and within a given deadline:

  • Mobile apps

    from $2000

  • Web apps

    from $3000


Mobile application for "Stolby", the nature sanctuary in Krasnoyarsk

Interactive map of the Krasnoyarsk park island

Educational desktop application

Mobile site for Yemelyanovo airport

Automatic system for registering information

Financial application for selection of investment portfolio

Automatic management system for alpine village

Online store by British designers

Online store of catering equipment and trade in Siberia

Online store of chandeliers and lamps in Siberia

Web service for online shoppers

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