Web and mobile applications for software startups
If you are going to launch a business based on web or mobile technologies, you've landed at the right place. We can help you in case you are looking for a reliable provider to implement web and mobile solutions. Your business - our implementation!

We can help you in case you are interested to get a consultation on how to implement your idea using modern technologies.

Domain experience

We have experience in the following types of web and mobile applications:
Desktop, web and mobile applications. Education materials and elation systems.
Shop constructors, supplier integration, goods aggregation, catalogs recommendations,
Data processing and analyzing visualisation. Financial calculates.
Cartography, navigation, recommendations, aggregation of data, catalogs, mailings.
News application, publication of articles, notices, authorization through social networks.
Directories, personal reminders, health monitoring, online consultations.

Technology we work with

We are company offering rapid prototyping and "go-to-market" strategy, that's why we focus on NodeJs with ReactJs technologies on top of JavaScript language to create reactive user-centric applications. We don't pretend to be "do-any-technology" company. For mobile development we use native Swift (iOS) and Java (Android) to ensure best customer experience.
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