Eugenii Grinin
Software Developer
JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, C++ | Rect, Redux, HTML, CSS, Emotion | .NET, WCF, WPF, WinForms, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Web API | DevExpress, Prism, Enterprise library, DI Containers | Entity framework, LINQ to SQL, ADO.NET, T-SQL | MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server CE, SQLite, Oracle | WIX, Inno Setup, Docker | GIT, TFS, SVN

11 years
TS, React + Redux
C#, .NET
Industries & Project

  • Cloud monitoring hardware system and alerts notification
  • Service for shop products inspection
  • System for managing the door locks in the hotels
  • Communicator based on Skype for Business application
  • RTOS (Real time operating system for stm32 cortex-m4)
  • System for automating the planning and analysis of marketing activities
  • System for inspection process automation of vehicles, different devices, constructions etc.
  • Configuration and monitoring utility for customer power supply devices
  • ActiveX DTM component for manage customer production devices family. (FDT/DTM technology)
  • Offline editor – CAM-system with rich drawings interface for preparing AutoCad, Gerber, Excellon files etc for production on the specific NC-cutting machine
Master's degree in Computer Science