About us
We are a result-driven team of web and mobile specialists from Siberia, Russia. Our professionals and IT-experts create challenging and advanced IT-solutions for business.

We develop fully functional tools working closely with our clients and being sensitive to their specific needs.

Let's get to work together to bring your ideas to life going beyond the digital limit!


Alexander Efremov

CEO, co-founder

Business development director, co-founder

Our mission

Creating complex and interesting products which will be useful to people.

We put all our energy into everything we make to provide our clients with high-quality products.

We believe that every person and every business is unique. Client's needs are our guiding light.

We always give our clients valuable advice on better approaches and more appropriate features to deliver major benefits to people we work with.
We are eager to learn and continually improve our professional skills.

We rapidly enhance our performance, optimise our working processes, establish new working standards.

We get high goals and succeed.

Values of our company




People are the key source of our company. Service performance means that people, their skills and the way they treat their work have a great impact on the quality of the end product and customer's satisfaction.
Our work is distinguished by individual approach to each client, maximum consideration of your desires and peculiarities of your business. We put all our creative capacity in designing exclusive product for you.
Love is a primary source of our work. Love gives us start. Why do we want to create new things? Why do we want to move forward? Because we love our clients, love the process itself, love this game that is called Life and want to pay back for its splendid gifts.

How we work

Let's get to know each other!

Do you have a fabulous idea? Contact us and we will attentively listen to you and offer you the best possible business solution. We will analyse your business goals and design the product according to your business model. We will specify the strategy of its step-by-step progress.
Team: Sales manager and Project manager.
Results: Brief and primary decision, preliminary estimate of cost and terms.

Business analytics

Analytics is of a high priority in our work: we figure out all the requirements and business processes, make marketing, strategic and tech analysis. We make technical project and design, plan every step of our work, agree on the functionality, time-limits and the price. Then we conclude an agreement.
Team: Project manager, Business analyst, Marketing specialist, Designer, Sales manager, Team leader.
Results: Design specification, contractual agreement (functions, terms and project cost).

Design and development

We offer the full range of works on creating useful applications and websites. Our products meet requirements set to the projects of new generation. The project manager enforces clear deadlines and manages requirements at any stage of the product development. He is in touch with the customer. Every two weeks we demonstrate the progress of our work so the customer is always aware of the latest project development updates.
Team: Project manager, Designer, Team leader, Developers.
Results: First version of the software product

Quality control

We ensure effective quality control, work out the documentation and monitor the product's implementation. Our engineers use consumer profile based on analysis results and then examine produced business solution with great care. Our experienced testers from the Quality Department will take care of the product efficiency and robustness. They will make sure the end-product complies with all the standards and requirements.
Team: QA specialist, Project manager.
Results: The product conforming to requirements of the customer and ready to use in business.

Start and support

You will get profitable product. Our solutions differ advantageously by proper software architecture and high quality code. We develop software solutions for B2C companies and new business ideas to increase the profit and customer's loyalty. We work in continuous contact with our client with the help of cross-platform technologies.
Here we are — look at how we work, relax and celebrate!
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