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We have three interaction models with customers. They differ in the amount of involvement in product creation.
Dedicated Team
Find the best fit engineers led by a senior skilled Tech Lead
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  • get new talented team
  • enter the market
Product Team
Get the help of a seasoned team led by an experienced Product Designer/Manager
  • get a tech and product expertise
  • digitize your business
  • expand the market
  • create an impactful experience
End-to-End Team
Hire an elite squad of leading professionals to turn idea into an MVP or a Ready-To-market product
  • find your target audience
  • get a tech and product expertise
  • attract more investments
  • make a unique product

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Full-time dedicated team

6 years experience | 6 projects | 24 developers

Backend Developers | Frontend Developers | Scrum masters | Quality Assurance Engineers | UX/UI Design | DevOps Engeneers | iOS Developers | Android Developers | Marketing Managers


Custom web development

6 years experience | 14 projects | 15 developers

JavaScript | React | AngularJS | Angular | HTML/CSS | Redux | Flux | Mobx | Flow | TypeScript | C# | .NET | Node.js


Custom mobile development

4 years experience | 7 projects | 3 developerss

Swift | iOS | Android | Kotlin

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Amplify your business operations and architect links between particular projects and divisions to tide over complicated transformations. Grow business effectiveness while maintaining balance between stakeholder and user goals.


Mid sized

Trigger native, web, hybrid and custom engineered software solutions with proficients working iteratively to boost promptitude, fine-tune the experience and actuate business value.



Estimate your software evolution pattern and predict ROI with pro strategists who give you guidelines to determination of scope, technology selection and first-iteration design visualization.

What we did
Our major projects
EDMS and ordering system
Automation systems allow companies to minimize data entry, reduce the time spent proofreading and decrease the risks associated with human error.
case study

US-based insurance company provides complete services to lenders, real estate brokers and loan officers for the issuance of title policies, closing and escrow, and search of public records. They needed help with multiple developments. They had to update an old quote engine written in an outdated language and they also had a client requesting an API.

We modernized an outdated quote engine, having integrated it with loan origination systems. The team also assisted with web dev and built an API. We currently perform business analysis and deliver project updates. Clients are extremely pleased with the platform's functionality and other companies have inquired to buy it.

Technology: .NET, WPF, Microsoft SQL Server, AngularJS.
Project length: Mar. 2015 - Ongoing.
Team: team leader, 5-6 developers, QA engineer, project manager.
Cost of Goods Sold reduction
Total amount of insured deals
Lines of legacy code were moved to modern technology
State automated information system
The system is intended to provide an appropriate information to employees in a timely manner, monitor objects and subjects under supervision and also track undertaken measures and rendered services.
case study


Federal Service for Veterinary Surveillance of Krasnoyarsk Region was in need to automate statistics collection process, farm animals count and livestock products accounting.

Our team instrumented a mobile application providing offline access to the system as well as web application for the farm animals count, livestock products accounting and electronic management of veterinary transport documentation. This enables to oversee performance of employees, use one system by several departments simultaneously, browse statistics and archive of veterinary measures and services.

Technology: Node.js, MongoDB, React, GraphQL.
Project length: Oct. 2017 - Ongoing.
Team: team leader, 10-12 developers, UX/UI designer, project manager, QA engineer.
Designed screens
Documents issued yearly
1 471 002
Business entities in the system
Social networks
Social network for the search of contractors and business partners
Platform used to establish business relations between legal entities, allows to set up paid accounts, present portfolios, find clients, contractors, business partners and post rated comments.
case study

Startup project with the core business idea of simplifying the process of searching reliable contractors in the Internet for businesses.

Our team engineered platform structure and design. We have already instrumented the possibility of setting up accounts with portfolios and history of operations along with subscription system, publication of news and messenger. We have also implemented a complex searching algorithm for more comfortable contractor selection. At the moment embedding of the back office for management system is in progress.

Technology: React+redux, nodejs, express, mongodb + mongoose, rabbitMQ, socket.io, sphinx.
Project length: Oct. 2016 - Ongoing.
Team: team leader, 8-10 developers, QA engineer, project manager, UX/UI designer.
Month between start and release
Hours of development
Of estimated users
Web-based interface for equipment management
The system is intended to provide an appropriate information to employees in a timely manner, monitor objects and subjects under supervision and also track undertaken measures and rendered services.
case study


Design-engineering bureau "Iskra" - federal operator of satellite communication. Bureau team developed the system for radio communication channels arrangement consisting of self-directed antenna "SAS-1200" and router "Yar-1040".

Our team developed software that enabled to control client's equipment remotely. Access is provided distantly by means of LAN and the Internet. Software user is able to receive information about equipment condition and send control commands.
Our team implemented interaction with equipment; service functions, data collection, analysis, validation and other features necessary to operate the system. We designed user interface visualizing data received from equipment that ensures correct and timely commands as per system current condition.

Technology: Node.js, React, Gulp, Babel, Webpack, Konva, socket.io, SQLite.
Project length: Jan. 2017 - Ongoing.
Team: team leader, 10-12 developers, QA engineer, project manager, UX-designer.
Vulnerabilities prevented
Pages of technical documentation prepared
Memory consumption
«E-workbook» pilot application
E-learning - a learning system based on formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources. The use of computers and the Internet forms the major component of E-learning.
case study

The service in the sphere of mass online education. The service enables its users do courses, communicate with fellow students, pass tests and exams. The problem was that the system required full time internet connection and was not able to be used offline.

We developed the prototype of desktop offline application with education courses incorporating all appropriate features: text materials, videos, tasks, etc. Application interface consists of several parts: navigation panel, user profile, list of courses, home tasks, assessments, forum, settings and support.
During the course some sections may include a "Video" box. The video is played through the video player dash.js in these boxes. When the player starts, it downloads the video using its id and it is saved in the cache. If the network connection is broken or desired file is absent a notification of inability to upload files will be displayed.

Technology: XML, JSON, Node-webkit, Meteor, AngularJS, Electron.
Project length: Feb 2016 - Ongoing.
Team: project manager, team leader, UX-designer, QA engeneer, 2 developers.
Service for the search of commercial and government tenders
Search aggregator refers to a web site or computer software that aggregates a specific type of information from multiple online sources simultaneously.
case study

«TorgBox» startup aimed at aggregation of state procurements, auctions and contests. In accordance with the federal law, documentation related to state procurements is to be uploaded to publicly accessible servers. The search for targeted information is limited due to its complicated structure. This service is aimed at providing easy access to procurements.

Our team developed a product – software maintaining recurrent data collection, its analysis and processing, data base updating, keeping all interested users notified of any amendments.

Implemented functional parts: Front-end, Back-end, ImportWorker and NotificationWorker.
Technology: Elasticsearch, Postgres, Sequelize, Mailgun, SMSC.
Project length: Nov 2016 - Sep 2017.
Team: project manager, team leader, 4 developers, UX/UI designer, QA engeneer.
EasyDev — Developer Friendly React Admin Template
EasyDev is a modern dashboard template based on React Components and Bootstrap 4 Framework. It allows our customers to create their projects easily due to a wide choice of components and design styles.
case study

We made the EasyDev for sale through the Envato market. And our end customers are web-developers who planning to create complicated web-application based on modern technologies.

EasyDev is a modern dashboard template based on React Components and Bootstrap 4 Framework. We've used modern technologies and best practices that's why you can easily work with our product. It's the most convenient template for developers, because of React Components, clean code and detailed documentation, which allows you to build any projects easily! Use it for e-commerce, analytics, sports and other types of web or mobile applications.

Technology: Sketch, React, Sass, Webpack.
Project length: Jan 2017 - Ongoing.
Team: UI/UX-designer, web-developer, QA engeneer.
Sales in first month
React components
Author rating on ThemeForest
CryptoS - ICO Landing page template
Meet CryptoS - ICO landing page template, that perfectly fits for any type of digital consulting or crypto business.
case study

We made the CryptoS Template for sale through the Envato market. And our consumers are startups who planning to run ICO campaign or it own cryptocurrency exchange website. CryptoS is also perfect solution for professional cryptocurrency and investments consulting services, ICO Advisors, Consultants and Cryptocurrency Agencies and other experts focused on the cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin trading and Investments.

There are more than 20 content elements in the template, such as Smartcontract code fragments, Phases of tokensale, Token distribution, ICO's cards, Exchange Rates and many others. Using these elements, the customer can easily create their own unique site.

Technology: Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, Pug, CSS3, Sass, JS/JQuery.
Project length: May 2018 - Ongoing.
Team: UI/UX-designer, web-developer, QA engeneer.
Decentralized dispute resolution system
The system provides a complete infrastructure for projects that need fair dispute resolution, external data collection and its verification in the blockchain.
case study

Startup project with the idea of simplifying the process of court dispute resolution with use of modern cryptocurrency technologies.

Our team developed software that provides a decentralized dispute resolution mechanism and process of collecting reliable data from the real world, submitting it to the blockchain and their confirmation. It provides a complete infrastructure for projects that need fair dispute resolution, external data collection and its verification in the blockchain. Today the project is under development of MVP. Demo-project has already proved its success. It's won in SICTIC which is the contest of Swiss club of investors.

Technology: Figma, Marvelapp, Node.js, MongoDB, React/Redux, IPFS, Ethereum.
Project length: May 2018 - Ongoing.
Team: team leader, developer, UX/UI designer, project manager, QA engineer.
sales & marketing
Mobile loyalty program
Mobile application s a modern communication channel enabling to speed up the traffik count growth and increase customers' loyalty. It exchanges plastic cards for a mobile phone, it is fast, convenient and always at hand.
case study

Bonus loyalty program that unites the biggest suppliers of goods and services in the city: the chain of supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, garages and zoo shops. For a customer this application is to provide an additional communication channel and give tools for preference analysis.

Our team is developing a convenient and useful product - an instrument with unique capabilities of every day purchase management. Application incorporates the following functions: catalogue of services and goods, actual special events, individual offers, mailing, family account, bonus accumulation system, transaction history and virtual discount card.

Technology: Android SDK, RxJava, Room, SQLite, Retrofit
iOS: iOS SDK, RxSwift, GRDB, SQLite, Alamofire, Moya.
Project length: Sep. 2017 - Ongoing.
Team: team leader, 2-3 developers, QA engineer, project manager.
Development hours performed
Of estimated users
Loyalty program partners
entertainment and leisure
Mobile interactive map
The use of maps and geolocation isn't a new trend in today's digital projects, but advances in technology have led to interactive experiences improving considerably with mobile phone.
case study

We developed a mobile app for Stolby (the nature sanctuary in Siberia) and a mobile app for Siberian park island with a modern design inspired by the world's leading corporations, such as Google. Our main task was to make a vector map that would work without the Internet. In addition, we would like to improve our technological skills in mobile development, especially in AR and mapping technologies.

Our mobile apps allow users to view a map of the sanctuary and find its footpaths and roads. Apps present detailed information about every cliff face in the sanctuary, and also tells the user how far away they are.

Technology: Android SDK, iOS CocoaTouch, Carbon, Mapsforge, Mapbox.
Project length: Nov. 2015 - Ongoing.
Team: project manager, team leader, 2-3 developers, QA engineer, UX/UI designer.
Of estimated users
Raiting (Google play, Appstore)
Objects in the database
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