Automation systems allow companies to minimize data entry, reduce the time spent proofreading and decrease the risks associated with human error.

Electronic Document Management and Ordering Systems



Mar. 2015 - Ongoing
NDA Project
US-based insurance company provides complete services to lenders, real estate brokers and loan officers for the issuance of title policies, closing and escrow, and search of public records. They needed help with multiple developments. They had to update an old quote engine written in an outdated language and they also had a client requesting an API.
With these non-integrated disparate systems, in 5 different locations and communicating with each office it created difficulties with processing orders, lost orders, tracking orders and maintaining uptime these systems and workflows.

It also became a challenge when updating the insurance rate tables and keeping them up to date for quoting and processing purposes. Some of these systems lacked flexibility to make changes and updates therefore preventing the updating and modifying with new business requirements and security enhancements.
— Develop a new rates / quote management system for internal and external clients.
— Flexible functionality.
— Integrated with accounting, websites and third-party management software.
— Develop APIs / integrations so that various software programs and systems both internal and external.
For high level customer satisfaction and quality, we incorporate Scrum methodology with 2-week sprint lengths. For planning, status updates, review and other project related communications we utilized Trello.


Before start of project an audit was performed of the customer's software systems currently in place. Did a complete analysis of the various areas, business logic, existing problems and processes within each area. This information went into a knowledge database.

Project Assessment

What client said:

«Georgiy runs a fantastic company. I have used them in my last 2 roles, my own company and now my new role. His team are technically excellent with a great mix of programmers, architects, PMs, BAs and QA. I would highly recommend using Georgiy's team if you want a cost effective development solution.»

Jim Nightingale

CTO/CIO/VP of Engineering