Development of the mobile app for a bonus loyalty program that provides an additional communication channel for customers and gives them tools for personal preference analysis


Mobile Loyalty Program


4 month of development
Starting date: Sep 2017
Project Start
Duration: 4 months
Development Stage
Finishing date: Jan 2018
Final Stage


Bonus loyalty program that unites the biggest suppliers of goods and services in the city of the same owners: the supermarkets chain, pharmacies, paid ambulance service, gas stations, car washes, and zoo shops.
We had to develop a convenient and useful product with unique capabilities of everyday purchase management. The app had to incorporate the following functions: catalog of services and goods, information about special offers and individual discounts, bonus accumulation system, transaction history with receipts, loyalty program level rewards, and virtual loyalty card. The app should also have the ability to create a family account and be connected to the mailing system.

Main Functionality

The customer-supplied design was made for the iPhone 5S, although phones with a higher screen resolution were already gaining popularity at the time. So we had to make a pixel-perfect implementation, which should be as close to the original mockup as possible, but make it work for all screen resolutions.



We made several API integrations
with the marketplace catalog and system
API Interaction
We used Lottie animation tools and plugins
for both Android and iOS
The client planned to maintain the application on his own,
so we used clean code
for easier implementation
Clean code
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Mobile application is a modern communication channel. It enables speeding up of traffic, counts growth, and increases customers' loyalty. It exchanges plastic cards for a mobile phone. It is fast, convenient, environmentally friendly, and always at hand.
Loyalty program partners
Of estimated users
Development hours performed
Android SDK



The team assembled to make this project a reality was made up of a team leader, 2 developers,
2 project managers and a QA engineer
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