Optimization of real estate business processes by turning real estate website
into a peer-to-peer platform
NDA project
This is how we helped our client to realize his business strategy from a technical side, how the subscription model is applicable for real estate, and what features and design solutions make the platform more user-friendly.
Reduced workload for client's employees by implementation of subscription model
Convenient and multifunctional admin accounts for the landlords
Improved user experience with added filters and a property map for tenants


Client's request

Our client is a Krasnoyarsk-based company which provides a wide range of real estate objects for rent. He wanted to simplify the renting process by removing unnecessary involvement of agents into negotiations between landlords and tenants. The client also wanted to extend functionality and make the website more user-friendly.
At the beginning of the project the client's real estate agents were directly involved in the process of linking the tenant and the landlord. In order to get the contact of the landlord, users of the then existing website had to go to the company's office and meet with the manager first. We had to change this scheme and lessen managers' workload. That also meant a change of the business model, so we should find a technical strategy that matches the strategy of business development.

Main Challenge

Other tasks

Implement new design on the website
Unify property profile pages
Transfer existing functionality from the old website to the new one
Unify property profile pages
Transfer existing functionality from the old website to the new one
If you want the same UX-audit and design suggestion just write to us and we will be happy to work with you!

How we helped

We have transformed the website into a peer-to-peer marketplace with the ability to do everything remotely with help of the subscription service.

SaaS model

By paying for any of the available subscription plans, tenants can get access to view any apartments and landlord contacts without manager's involvement.
Tenants also received an option to add any apartment to "Favorites" for future use.

Two types of accounts

We have also created a special type of account for landlords. When registering an account, landlords can easily fill in all of the required information. They also got access to their own profile page where they can add as many properties for rent as they want.

Easier navigation

Besides, we have made navigating the website easier by providing various filters and a property map to help tenants clearly understand what they are looking at.

A unified database

Lastly we have implemented a feature of global phone search in the website database, so that the client's manager is able to know if they are speaking to the landlord or tenant.
If you want something similar or have
an amazing idea
Just drop us a line
and we will be happy to work with you!
If you want something similar or have
an amazing idea
Just drop us a line
and we will be happy to work with you!


One developer started working on the project, then two more were added to the team later on. We involved T-shaped specialists to work on the project and provided the client with a demo of the project every two weeks to make the feedback process easier. Our quality assurance department tested the website and checked the functionality, layout, design, integration based on user experience.
Implemented functionality for purchasing access/subscription, which eliminated the need to go to the agency's office and saved time for both clients and managers as they no longer have to do it in a peer-to-peer conversation.

Development process

1 Made a registration form for the landlord from scratch. It includes the type of apartment and its characteristics, address and contact details, as well as a photo of a property
2 Included "Favorites" tab with the ability to add and save a favorite object in tenant's profile for future use for those who like to choose from many options and compare them to one another
3 Added similar offers by filters: area, rental cost, type of apartment for those who know what they want
4 Developed a property map showing available apartments by their address so that tenants can quickly navigate and find the options they are most interested in area-wise
5 Hooked up a global phone search in the site database feature to the admin panel so that client's managers could find out who is calling the agency (the tenant or the landlord) and build their communication in accordance with this information.

Future plans

The client took the project for further support. They considered automating the landlord verification process in order to make it easier for managers.

Tech stack

SQL Server