Mass mailing offers to Linkedin users
using smart script

This is how we created a new intuitive communication service that could help you connect with almost anyone via Linkedin while allowing to set personalised detailed configurations of the mailing campaign providing the full view of statistics.
The idea for Socely came after participating in a roadshow. The principle of work lies in making appointments in a specific country or city in advance, where further possibilities of communication are discussed. We wanted to create a service that could perform routine work of sending those invitations to meet up on one condition – a service that is able to provide precise performance considering indicators like industry, job position, level of connection and location of people you want to come in contact with.
We wanted to make the process of reaching new target contacts more efficient and trustworthy. We have opted for Linkedin due to its built-in search features that allow us to use different filters to find potential partners. Existing services for Linkedin are able to work on one script only and they require constant internet connection. So we aimed to create a service that would perform all of the assigned tasks automatically. We have also focused on making it easier to configure and use with various settings on many campaigns at once.

Project Idea

Main Challenge

We had to draw up a service with an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing message requests. Every part of those requests had to be customized with a help of filters for any client individually by using script functions that the user could add, edit and enable him- or herself. We had to figure out a way to check the status of all sent messages and have access to detailed statistics of requests' statuses.

Goals and objectives

Socely helped to increase lead generation efficiency which now takes enormously less time, so that the client's employees who had previously been busy with the monotonous work of sending invitations freed up working time for other tasks.

How we helped

Main Features

Browser extension

We have created a tool that works separately on the server and is accessible by login and password. There will be no need to maintain constant control and keep the computer up and running unlike other automated services.

We made sure that it allows users to set complex scenarios, while other services offer only one working operation at a time.

Lastly, we've connected our tool to the existing CRM for easier transfer between the two so that the user can keep track of every single task.
Search for people in the Linkedin interface and add them to the mailing queue using a browser extension.

Smart Script

Sets complex scenarios with personalised text referring to a person's occupation, fine-tuning of dates and further possible interactions (for example: wait for the acceptance of request, send a message / invitation after, send a reminder after 3 days, send another reminder after 3 more days). Script will work automatically in accordance to the way you set it to work.


It shows real time statistics on all active tasks. It enables integration with the existing CRM, so that the user does not need to upload all the files and check them manually, proofreading and forwarding them to the manager for further formalization.
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If you want something similar or have
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Development process

April 2019
Start of development. We began working on the program interface
February 2020
Start of development of the web interface
October 2019
The first trip to Oslo happened (applications sent to 5 thousand people; as a result, there were 50 meetings organized)
September 2019
We carried out the first large-scale marketing campaign within our company and sold Socely to 12 clients
May 2019
The first MVP was ready to use
March 2020
We tackled version 2.0
July 2020
Testing within the company began
June 2020
Version 2.0 is available
April 2020
We continued further
development of the web interface
March 2020
There were meetings organized in San Francisco (due to the pandemic they were switched to calls on Zoom)
Alexander Efremov
The project team managed to implement the first MVP in just 2 months. Sales in the first half of the year brought up 12 clients and allowed us to fully recoup the investment in development of the service. Now we plan to expand its functionality
Aspirity founder
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Future Plans

October 2020
Open public access to version 2.0
Before the end of 2020
Configure the trouble proof functioning of the application within the existing interface
Introduce integration with AmoCRM and Bitrix
Before the end of 2020 - first quarter 2021
Add more detailed statistics
Make the application interface and browser extensions more user-friendly
Further Plans
1. A/B campaign performance testing
2. Advanced conversion analytics
3. Fully autonomous work of the mailing list
4. Choosing a target audience based on big data
5. Identifying the most relevant marketing segments

Tech stack

Adobe Illustrator