Sports Skill Gaming App

Development of a free-to-play mobile game that gives users the chance to display their knowledge and skill in hopes to win money.

Main Idea

An app for sports fans that allows them to use knowledge about their favorite team to win real money. The users can earn game points by participating in future team sports game results, match predictions, in-play predictions and participating team players predictions. In addition, users can answer the quiz questions and earn extra points during matches.


Feb 12 - April 26 for the main app
ongoing support
The biggest challenge was to develop a complex algorithm for an online game. It was necessary to make sure that the user did not notice the workload that the system was taking on. Thus, we developed a game algorithm that works without lags and freezes, regardless of how many sports games are played at the same time.

The Main Challenge


Online statistics display
Game visualization
Quiz for the current game
Login using social networks (Google, Facebook, Apple ID)
Push notifications
for upcoming games
If you want something similar or have
an amazing idea
Just drop us a line
and we will be happy to work with you!

How it works

Completed autotests and get the app approved in App Store and Play Store
Restricted the geographic distribution of the game with IP check
Created leaderboards
Attached in-play
Included game statistics
Made the game itself with predictions and football player selection
Developed app's architecture
Created layout of
the entire application
Added fixtures
The key factor that helped us in the development include constant interaction with the client. We made the backend of the application together, which improved the app's performance.

We chose Flutter as our main technology to significantly increase the speed of development. Since Flutter allowed us to create a single app for both iOS and Android at the same time with no difference among the two.

Why it Works

Excellent engineers all round. Nothing is too difficult for them! Pavel has the ability to be creative when needed which can really help the process. I hope to continue working with Aspirity, they have ensured our project was a success.


User downloads the free app and logins/registers via email, Facebook, Google or Apple ID.

How to Use the App

Picks required number of players for an upcoming sports game.

Create your own victorious team

Download and register

Follows the action, answers quiz questions, and makes predictions in-play.
Users with the most points at the end of the match will win one of 5 CASH prizes for each fixture.

Get chance to win cash!

Get extra points during matches

Project team


The company that creates software solutions to solve business problems and get new ideas to market.
Pavel Gershevich
Oleg Meisner
Business Development & Sales Manager

Tech stack


Native SDK

Android SDK

Programming Languages


Backend as a Service

Firebase Auth
Cloud Firestore
Firebase Performance
Cloud Messaging
Firebase Dynamic Links
Google Analytics